Tuesday, August 02, 2016

That escalated quickly

Tonight, I read to Sweetie the headline on this article from The Onion: Report: Ground Still Least Desirable Surface For Breaking Fall.

Sweetie is a person, you should keep in mind, who once cried during a Cheerios commercial. She hides her face during horror movies. Old ladies come up to her and tell her how nice her face looks. She is, in a word, sweet.

So I was not expecting this exchange, after I finished that headline:

"What about glass?" she asked.

"Well, sure..." I said.

"Or rocks?" she went on.

I said: "I think those are considered ground..." but she interrupted:

"What about a pile of poop?"

I was by this point speechless. Remember: cried about Cheerios.  But she wasn't done:

"What about a bunch of dead bodies?"

At that point, I'd given up.  But Sweetie still had not. About 10 minutes later, she said:

"What about a pile of dead bodies with the flesh-eating virus?"




Andrew Leon said...

Is it actually a pile of dead bodies if there is a flesh-eating virus? Wouldn't that just be a pile of bones?

Crystal Collier said...

That's a pretty graphic discussion. LOL. Hope the FBI wasn't following it.

Briane Pagel said...

Andrew you might be the only person to somehow make that MORE macabre.

Crystal: I'm pretty sure Sweetie's on their radar.

Andrew Leon said...

It's a gift.

Liz A. said...

"Sweet" on the surface doesn't preclude a depraved mind.