Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quotes of the Day:

All the Quotes of The Day! Or at least links to them!

Don't worry, chicken, you're going in the oven.

66. I give you People's Sexiest Man Alive, 2027.

65. I expect this story to be optioned into a multimilliondollar movie franchise by the end of the day. (Spoiler Alert: It didn't happen.)

64. Dogs speak English, of course.

63. It doesn't LOOK comfortable, but who am I to judge?

62. It moved.

61. Sweetie's urban background.

60. It's Oldest's Birthday!

59. Today you will learn a word in a new language

58. Elefino!

57. Well, it should have been named this.

56. Roosters don't live in rainforests.

55. Sweetie's right, but I can't let her know that.

54. What do you say when someone had a birthday?

53. After New Year's Sales.

52. You'd think I'd remember a made-up guy.

51. The Boy needs to not talk about stuff.

50. Sweetie makes up a word.

49. Sweetie's more than a homemaker.

48. Apparently, we're running a hardware store now.

47: This is my dinner conversation

46. Sweetie reaches her goal.

45. Mr Bunches is not a zoologist.

44. Newton didn't say this first, did he?

43. He's ready for law school. Or politics.

42. I hereby apologize to Sweetie.

41. Isn't "okra" a kind of animal from South America?

40. He wants to look cool.

39: The library of the damned.

38: Tiny bubbles...

37: Time travel.

36: I am nowhere near as bad as the kids.

35: Towels.

34: Angsty.

33: Singing...

32: Googlipantz

31: Mango Smoothie.

30: Book Deal.

29: Nose Spider.

28: Leo.

29, um, again: Pizza? Mop?

28, um, again: Joe Theisman...

27: Old guys.

26: Dog food or beef jerky?

25: Matt Stafford is not suffering.

24: Computer Washer.

23: Button his shirt...

22: How you know you did a good job.

21: Lozenge.

20: The library as a friend.

19: Spring?

18: Creepy.

17: He never really got Disney cartoons.

16. Sweetie wants the Babies to drink...

15. Muppety

14. No strikes in the cookie aisle

13. Never a supercollider

12. Love is...

11. Han Solo vests

10. Dipthong

9. Not, technically, a quote.

8. The Boy thinks highly of himself.

7, but I labeled it 9: A quote from Demetri Martin.

6. Superbowl.

7, but there's already a 7, right? Snow & adolescence

6. Again? Here's a quote from Ben Franklin.

5. Homer says.

4. Ring Lardner says.

3. Procrastination...

2. Proving my father-in-law wrong

1. Envy & disquiet

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