Monday, October 16, 2006

Playlist & Down... To Go: Table of Contents

They said it couldn't be done... okay. No, they didn't. They don't even know I'm trying to do it. But I am: I'm counting down every song on my ever-expanding list of songs on my iPod... from 1 to 10,000, I'll keep on pushing the rock up that hill even if the hill keeps getting higher. Here they all are... coupled with my thoughts on, you know, stuff.


Stormy Weather.

Down... To Go:

1. Who Needs You (Queen)

5. Speak To The Sky (Rick Springfield)

6. "I'm From Barcelona" (We're From Barcelona)

7: "3rd Planet," Modest Mouse.

83: "The Obvious Child," Paul Simon

83: "Out the Window," Violent Femmes.

84: "Dancing In Heaven," Q-Feel.

85: President Garfield's Hornpipe.

X: "O My Cherry", Pas/Cal

86: "Light of Love," Music Go Music

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