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You can find the following stories and poems by me in earlier posts on this blog:

Do Not Worry If You Cannot Dance... He wondered if the poster was real.

And other stories of mine have appeared elsewhere on the web:

"The Secret Origins Of Wolverine's Leather Jacket" was published by Punchnel's in fall 2014.

"A Sky Too Full Of Stars" was published by Daily Science Fiction in December, 2014.

"No Souls Will Burn In The Sky Tonight" appeared in Yellow Mama in June, 2014.

"Here There Be Dragons" was published in the Summer, 2014, Olentangy Review, where you can also hear me reading it.

"An Alphabet Of Science I Wasn't Sure Existed" appeared on The Devilfish Review in June, 2014.

My essay "Breakfast Of The Gods" appeared in trans lit issue 11, "intransigents."

"It Turns Out This Town Is Exactly The Right Size For The Two Of Us" was published by Alt Lit Press.

My stories have also appeared in Conceit MagazineThe Truth Magazine, and my original short story "Thinking The Lions" appeared on The Adirondack Review.

Here's some things I contributed at Indie Writers Monthly that include stories:

My post on how speculative speculative fiction must be included a flash story "3 Tortoises."

When challenged to write a love story, I handwrote the memoirs of the last man on Earth in "The Things We Do For Love."

I also took a wild stab at what Star Wars Episode VII will be like and I am sure I nailed it.

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