Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey, and other things I thought about this week...


... updated 'Twas The Fright Before Xmas, or A Visit from AIN'T Nick," my ongoing Xmas story about sentient Xmas trees, BLOOP!s and Sexy Cop, over on  lit ...

...discussed how Plato would have loved the Internet, over on pop...

...and, of course, on Thinking The Lions I got all philosophical and maudlin about my boys and whether they know who Santa and God are before I then took pictures of them climbing around snowdrifts in a blizzard because there's a time to think deep thoughts and there is a time to have your six-year-old hit you in the face with a snowball, and never the twain shall meet.

Other things you want to check out include:

Rusty Webb deciding whether or not to decide. That's still a choice, Rusty, or did you forget what Rush taught us all in their prog-rock heyday?

Andrew Leon mentioning The Hobbit, and Men In Black 3.

Michael Offutt wants you to promote his book, but it's totally worth it just to see the tweets he's coming up with.

PT Dilloway took a strong stand in favor of people not being stupid. Gutsy move.

And Liz knit some great stuff which you ought to buy even if it's too late to get it to your wife for Xmas, and then she mentioned Fifty Shades of Grey but not in the "let's get people to read this sense" that I would've mentioned Fifty Shades.

I'm shameless that way.