Friday, February 08, 2008

TV Shows I'll Write Someday (#1)

Celebrity Court: Be a contestant on "Celebrity Court," the show where average people represent Celebrities in their legal battles!

Each contestant gets assigned a celebrity to represent. The contestants have to appear with the celebrity and have the celebrity tell their side of the story to a judge and a jury. The contestant then argues -- in front of a live studio audience -- why their celebrity should win their case. The celebrities will also meet with an expert celebrity witness and taped portions of those meetings will be shown during breaks.

The show will on two nights. The first night is the presentation of the celebrities' case, and the second is the results night. Overnight, viewers can call to vote which celebrity should win. On Results night, there will be three possible outcomes: The judge, the jury, and the viewer call-ins. Each contestant picks a result they want: they can choose judge, jury, or call-ins, and then the results are revealed. A contestant who loses 'his' or 'her' case can then appeal to the live studio audience to vote to overturn the results.

Potential disputes and celebrities abound: Want to settle Britney's custody battle? Concerned that Michael Jordan might continue to be accused of fathering kids? Think Gary Coleman should have gotten his money?

If you've ever thought: Boy, I sure wish I could be more directly involved in a celebrity's life and maybe make some money off of it? (Hello, Joe Simpson!). Or if you've ever told someone I'd show those guys how to live their lives, then now is your chance to put up or shut up with Celebrity Court!