Saturday, December 13, 2014

Either I don't get Twitter or THIS person doesn't....

I posted something about Thanksgiving, which apparently got the interest of someone who REALLY wants to share recipes, and that person made me a follow request:

Now, I am (no longer) one of those people who really cares who I follow on Twitter. What does it matter to me? I'll follow you, yeah, whatever, it's not like it's any skin off my nose if you turn out to be dumb or a spam site or aren't the "REAL" Nick Cannon or whatever. Those people who do "Validation" and lock their sites and stuff? They're awful people and you'd never want to know any of them in real life.  I ONLY FOLLOW PEOPLE WITH STREET CRED RESPOND TO MY DM IF YOU ARE REAL.

Not for me.

But I did check out her Twitter feed to see what kind of recipes I could expect, because I don't want to get bombarded with a bunch of gluten-free recipes telling me how great broccoli is.  FOODS THAT ARE TRULY GREAT DO NOT NEED YOU TO TELL PEOPLE HOW GREAT THEY ARE. Pizza doesn't need a PR rep. Take the hint vegetables, and give it up.

Here is what I saw when I clicked through to her profile:

So I paged down...

and down...

And that is literally her entire Twitter feed, at least as far down as I was able to page before I got distracted by shiny things.

The thing I don't get is, what is this for? It's like one of those numbers stations or that weird Cicada 3301 site, one of those things that seems to exist for no purpose which means that the purpose is probably some sort of Trilateral Commission thing where they're forcing the University of Wisconsin football team to lose big to Ohio State just so that Ohio State gets into the college football championship, which then so angers the UW coach that he resigns in a huff to go coach Oregon State


all of which means it's probably definitely not going to get me more recipes if I follow her.  On the other hand, if you'd like to see constant requests to be followed to get more recipes then definitely FOLLOW HER.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Here is a Xmas picture.

An insufficient number of holiday rituals remind us to keep up with dental hygiene.  The Xmas Tooth helps rectify that.