Saturday, February 08, 2014

Sunday, February 02, 2014

The treachery of color, too. (Life With Unicorns)

One of the things Mr Bunches loves to do is write alphabets and have us draw pictures to go along with the letters. We do that roughly 20 times a week.

Today, on the latest round of alphabet-drawing, he took over on the "Y" and the result reminded me of Magritte's famous painting, La trahison des images, or "The Treachery of Images".  This is that painting:

By which Magritte meant that the painting of a pipe is not a pipe.

Today, working on the aforementioned alphabets, Mr Bunches got to Y, the word for which, he decided, was Yellow:

And when he wrote "Yellow" in green it reminded me of Magritte. I'm sure most people would write the word yellow using the yellow marker.  But not Mr Bunches.

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