Wednesday, August 06, 2008

TV Shows I'll Write Someday (#2)

This is going to be a colossal hit: Judge Mommy: A stern but loving judge presides over a real courtroom where real disputes between real children are presented by the kids themselves. Who really had the skateboard first? Who called shotgun just before they got into the car? Who's a giant stinkwad? Let Judge Mommy Decide!

Will "Judge Mommy" be bigger than Celebrity Court? We'll see.

The Boy sings instrumentals in the shower? Really?

Great Mistakes:

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Two Down, 7,939 To Go.

Part two of my continuing series to countdown every song on my iPod, a task as Sisyphean as, well, Sisyphus'. Or Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged's job.

Today, it's "Bittersweet Samba," by Herb Alpert & His Tijuana Brass. I like to put this on while I cook dinner on Saturdays, and pretend it's the 60s again and we're all going to sit down to a hearty dinner eaten off plates that, although we don't know it, are radioactive. Plus, shag carpet!

Here's the thing, too: I like Herb Alpert because my dad used to listen to his Herb Alpert records on our old hi-fi. So, kids, be careful: You never know what aspects of your parents are going to sink in. I missed out on "hard working" and "good with tools," but I got "likes Herb Alpert."

I pass on my own skills to my own kids -- like gambling; read about that here.

Jim Falls

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