Sunday, April 19, 2015

10 minutes talking about: Splinter In The Mind's Eye

I decided that from time to time I will spend 10 minutes talking about something that I'm reading these days.  Consider it sort of the successor to Sundays With The Classics, which were the posts I used to use to demonstrate how little attention I'd paid in school.

The first such 10 minutes -- 10 minutes of my time, not yours -- is dedicated to the book I checked out of the library (electronically, of course, via my Kindle app; I'm not a savage. I don't read books printed on the flesh of dead trees) today:

Posting the pictures counts in my 10 minutes.
I checked it out purely out of nostalgia, although having just watched the new trailer for Episode VII, and having also secured a promise from Middle Daughter that she will babysit for us on opening day of Episode VII so that I can go see it when it comes out, I have had Star Wars on my mind today.

(People who have read my blog for a long time also know that Star Wars is in the running for The One Thing We Will Remember From The 20th Century A Thousand Years From Now.  All history is condensed into one or two important facts, and the more remote it is, the longer the span of time those facts have to cover.  Think about what we, as people, know about what happened from 1 A.D. to about 1300 A.D.  NOTHING. SQUAT. We have condensed a thousand+ years of human history into "The Dark Ages," and left it at that. So in the year 3015, what do you think people will remember about the 20th Century? In my mind it's down to these two:

World War II, the only 'nuclear war' we've ever had, and

Star Wars.

That's it for the 20th Century a thousand years from now.)

That was quite an aside!

So I was thinking Star Wars, as we all always are, and I was looking for a book to check out because I wasn't in the mood to buy a book and I'd finished all the old ones I was reading, so it was find a new book or  start reading the book Sweetie and I are reading for our Book Club. Our Book Club is just me and Sweetie.  We read a book together a chapter at a time; once both of us have read the chapter we discuss it and then move on.  We're working our way through Tana French's books.  I didn't feel like diving into the new one yet, so I instead went to take a book out. I got Perdido Street Station, by China Mieville (Kraken was one of my all-time favorite books but I'm skeptical he can keep it up), and Splinter of the Mind's Eye, which as I recall involved some sort of crystal or something.  That is 100% all I remember of the plot, and I'm pretty sure I only remember that because there's that crystal-y thing on the cover.

And that's 10 minutes.