Saturday, November 06, 2010

Somewhere, a "real housewife" will read this and think to herself "they should give some of that to ME." (This Is Why I [DON'T] Hate People)

Just like you can change your whole outlook in life by each day thinking of three good things that happened to you the day before -- remember that? -- you can also remember that for every "Real Housewife" who throws her four-year-old a horrendously expensive party featuring a fry station and a $60,000 necklace, there are people who are good, too.

So I'm spending the day not hyperventilating about excessive lifestyles and instead focusing on the couple shown at the right: Violet Large and her husband Allen.

Mr and Mrs Large won $11.3 million in the lottery this past summer, and they won it while Violet was undergoing treatment for cancer, too -- and shortly after they won it, began giving it away to their family and a 2-page list of recipients ranging from the local fire department to organizations fighting diseases.

"We haven't spent one cent on ourselves because we've been too busy getting everything looked after and with my health, I have to wait to get my health back to get the energy to do anything," Violet told the National Post. "We're not travelers anyway. We live in the country and we're proud of it. Money can't buy you health or happiness."
(source.) The couple did keep only about 2% of the money "for a rainy day," and I don't begrudge them that at all.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's the Parade Of Hunks!

Today is Sweetie's birthday, which we're celebrating by (a) me working from home and mostly watching the Babies!, (b) getting ice cream cake and waiting for the Kindle I ordered her to arrive, (c) voting, and (d) letting her (and you) look at the Parade Of Hunks: A recap of some of the Hunks Of The Week chosen by Sweetie in the past. Click the pictures for more shots and more information about which Hunk they were and why: