100 Books: The Rankings

From Best To Worst, of course: the farther from the top, the worser they are.


The Gone-Away World

Rabbit, Run

In The House Upon The Dirt Between The Lake And The Woods

Bird Box

A Prayer For Owen Meany

The Southern Reach Trilogy

The Buried Giant

The Pier Falls

Slade House

Tenth Of December:

Broken Harbor

The Hotel New Hampshire

Boy, Snow, Bird

The Divers Clothes Lie Empty

The Girl Who Was Saturday Night

Wolf In White Van

The Rook

Elect H. Mouse State Judge

The Arrival

Soon I Will Be Invincible

The Mark And The Void

Faithful Place

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

The Golem And The Jinni

The First Bad Man

The Last Unicorn

The Room

An Illustrated Book Of Bad Arguments

Dept. Of Speculation

Hansel & Gretel

Bingo's Run

Star Wars: Aftermath

Avenue Of Mysteries


Stuff Matters

I Am America (And So Can You)

The Portable Doonesbury

Wednesday Comics

Identity Crisis

Man From Mundania

Demons Don't Dream

C.C. Pyle's Amazing Foot Race

Isle Of View

The Color Of Her Panties

Heaven Cent

Vale Of The Vole

The League Of Regrettable Superheroes

Futuristic Violence & Fancy Suits

Year Zero

Of Dice & Men

David & Goliath

Marvel Secret Wars

Station Eleven

Thunderstruck, and other stories

Midnight Riot (a/k/a Rivers Of London)

The Nest 

The Big Bang

The Grown-Up

The Racketeer

Question Quest

The Wall Of The Sky, The Wall Of The Eye

How I Became Stupid

Numero Zero

I'll Mature When I'm Dead


And: Books So Bad I stopped reading them before I was done:

Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir Of Twenty-First Century Parenthood.

The Loney

Finches Of Mars

Lord Malquist & Mr Moon

The Corpse Rat King

The Deep



When It Happens To You

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