Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tiny computing can be fun! And squinty! (3 Good Things From 1/5/09)

I'm slowly getting back to full speed on the 'puting. Blame my delays on the buildup of egg nog in my veins, and on the fact that even though I took a couple of days off, nobody else did, so now I have to actually work at my job, for upwards of an hour a day...

Here's the first 3 Good Things of Twenty-Ten!

1. Mr Bunches knows 9 numbers by sight, and 8 of them are even different numbers. Mr Bunches has always liked counting (he spontaneously counts everything, including attempting to count all the puppies in 101 Dalmatians, an effort that's hampered by the fact that they're always moving, and by the fact that he only can go up to 10 and has to keep restarting. If Disney had made 10 Dalmatians, he'd love it.) (And, on that note, I've only watched a few minutes of the movie, but if I understand correctly, Cruella De Vil bought most of the puppies to make into a coat, and then stole the last 15. I don't understand that. Was England out of Dalmatians? Was she just that evil? With Disney movies, I've noticed, there's always one crucial plot point which, if pulled on, unravels the whole movie. Had Cruella just bought the last 15 puppies, she'd have [SPOILER ALERT!] never gotten busted and her fancy car wouldn't be smashed up.

Anyway, the good thing is this: I began the other day drawing numbers for Mr Bunches, and he'd say what the number was. I'd draw a 1, and he'd say "One." And so on: Two, Three, Four, Five (which sometimes has an s in it: Fives), six, sebben, eight... and then six again. Mr Bunches refuses to recognize that 9 is an upside down 6. Or that 6 is 9 standing on it's head. Whichever.

2. Our new tiny computer came! Our old laptop fizzled out last week and is in the shop, so on Friday, Sweetie and I ordered a netbook, and it came yesterday and I'm 'puting on it even as I type. But it's small. Really small. I didn't think a 10" screen would be that big of a change from a 17" screen, but it's giving my eyes a real workout. Then again, it cost only $99, so if our nephew burns this one out by playing virus-loading games on it all night (as we suspect happened last week to the old one), we're only out the cost of 21 frosted cookies at the Diner.

3. I won the Boise State/TCU Bet with The Boy: Rather than betting on the BCS National Championship game this year, The Boy and I moved our traditional college football t-shirt bet to the Boise State/TCU game that was aired Monday night, and I had Boise State -- so I get a Boise State t-shirt to win. (And, even though the game took place on Monday, it's a Tuesday good thing because I fell asleep in the 4th quarter, so I didn't know the outcome until Tuesday. Rest assured, I did spend the day saying "Go, Boise State!" every time I saw The Boy.

Tuesday present update: I didn't get a Tuesday present for Sweetie yesterday, because I had only $5 cash on me on the way home from work, and my gas tank light was on. So I'll have to get her the present today, belatedly. The past few Tuesday presents have been:

Last week: A $50 gift card to Target (a present from my work that I re-gifted.)
The week before: A frosted cookie from the Diner.

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