Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have found the perfect way to get rich. (Stuff, And Junk)

Grocery shopping last weekend, I paused in the popcorn aisle to look for some sort of topping for homemade popcorn. I'm trying to eat healthy -- something not made easier by Sweetie's newfound insistence that I try to like broccoli -- and so I'm reluctant to drench popcorn in butter and salt.

As I was looking around the various things I could sprinkle on popcorn to give it some taste, I found this, Reese Special Popcorn Salt.

It goes for about $3 per jar.

I liked the idea of special popcorn salt, so I checked out the nutritional information and ingredients on the back. That's when I found that the special ingredient in the salt is...


How many people, do you think, paid 300% more for special salt because they didn't turn the jar around?

And, more importantly, how many people do you think will pay even more for "Pagel's ULTRASUPERSPECIAL Popcorn Salt?" I'm thinking I'll mix salt with... more salt. Genius!


Rogue Mutt said...

They could at least say it was sea salt or "organic" or something. Like all that Fiji water and crap you know just comes from a bathroom faucet in New Jersey or something.

Briane P said...

You've just made my business even better. I'll cut you in for 50% of the profits.

kay said...

ok- this is why we should read ingredients - yeah the nutritional content is important - but saving our wallet is as well :)

ReadDanceBliss said...

I really wish the label said -
Ingredients: Special salt.