Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm getting the boot...

All summer long it's been my Crocs and the Babies!' sandals and even going barefoot -- but it's September now and September, in Wisconsin, heralds the start of winter. (In Wisconsin, Winter starts September 1 and ends never) And the start of winter means that I can't go around with my poor feet uncovered anymore, because it's not going to be long before the streets, sidewalks, yards and probably houses are a mucky slushy freezing icy mess.

So I need some boots, the Babies! need some boots, and you probably need some boots, too, unless you're lucky enough to live in Hawaii, where everything is always wonderful and candy grows on trees (I'm guessing.)

I've been looking around for what to get, as my usual method of picking out boots (grabbing the first pair I see on the rack at a department store) has left me less than satisfied in the past, and I found something called Rocky Boots at a website called "Boots USA" (boots-usa.com.) These boots look tough and sound tough -- they seem to be mostly aimed at police officers and postal workers, and that's all right with me, because those people spend all kinds of time outdoors and on their feet and in bad conditions, and if the boots work for them, they'll work for me the one time I go outside between now and next June. They're waterproof and tough-soled and strong, and beyond that, they look good, too -- not like that pair of SpongeBob moon boots I had to wear all last year. (I told you my system wasn't working anymore.)

The best part? If I get them from Boots USA, I get free shipping, and a "365 Day return" policy, with free RETURN shipping if I don't like them. So I can't possibly go wrong, the way I see it. And, of course, I get to order them online, so I don't even have to head out into the weather to pick them out.

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