Monday, October 11, 2010

Quote of the Day, 48:

So she stole our lightbulb from our lamp?
-- Me, to Sweetie, about Oldest on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon Oldest and The Boy watched the Babies! while Sweetie and I went to see a movie. (We saw My Soul To Take. Don't bother seeing it; it's terrible and it moved Sweetie down to what I say is 1-for-3 in picking movies and she says is 2-for-4, because Sweetie goes all the way back to The Collector, which I liked but which we saw way last spring, whereas I only count recently, when Sweetie's run of movies is The Back-Up Plan, Frozen, and now My Soul To Take.)

(The point is, generally speaking, don't let Sweetie pick your movies for you.)

We got home, and decided we'd just hang out with the Babies! and do not much of anything. I went to turn on the lamp on the piano, and it didn't go on. Thinking the bulb was burnt out, I went to unscrew it, but there was no bulb there.

"What happened to the light bulb?" I asked Sweetie, who told me that Oldest had been asking if we had a light bulb because she needed one at her apartment-- but Sweetie had pointed out that we didn't have any spare lightbulbs. Which apparently led Oldest to just take one from the nearest lamp.

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