Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maybe Sweetie is impressed by my ability to stockpile pickles? (Taking Stock.)

Taking Stock is my attempt to inventory my life, one category or thing at a time. Today it's the Refrigerator:

1. Bag of baby carrots -- because I want to be healthy but I don't want to have to peel a carrot when I eat it, so I spend a little more and get pre-peeled, smaller carrots. Although, now that I think of it, why do I peel carrots when I buy whole carrots? And, now that I think of it, when did I last buy a whole carrot? I can't remember.

2. We have two different jars of dill pickles. And neither Sweetie nor I like dill pickles much. And none of the older kids, who do like dill pickles, live at home anymore.

But we have two jars of dill pickles. Which isn't as bad as:

3. Massive amounts of salsa. The nutritionist that nearly had a stroke reviewing my diet after my heart attack suggested salsa as a condiment, saying it was healthy. I took that to heart (get it?), and then some. Plus, that one jar is huge.

4. What, you thought I was kidding about the salsa? I wasn't. That's a third jar of it.

5. Mr F's chocolate bar. Mr F loves Hershey's bars. We keep a stash for him in the cupboard. I don't know why this is in there.

6. You can't tell it, but there's eggs there. Lots of 'em. I buy eggs everytime I'm at the store. Because we always need them -- The Boy, when he comes home, eats eggs about three times a day, plus about once a week Sweetie and I have what's called "egg meal," which is essentially breakfast for dinner, and involves fried eggs or scrambled eggs or something made out of eggs.

True story: I told Sweetie, once that every time she goes grocery shopping, she should buy eggs, too. Then, one week, when she did that and we had about three 18-packs of eggs, I said to her "You shouldn't have bought so many eggs."

I don't know why Sweetie stays married to me.

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