Friday, March 18, 2011

Just when you think these kids are hopeless They play basketball (Friday's Sunday's Poem/Hot Actress 76)

by Edouard Gilles Jr.

Basketball is the border between poverty and wealth.

A hole to exit from drugs and into society.

For real basketball players, basketball is their education, culture and career.

Places where drive by shooting is the u.s. postal service,

Places with black on black crime.

Where drug dealers are like sand.

And cigarettes are like vitamins, vitamins of death.

Places where parents lack control over their kids, and society has just given up.

Just when you think these kids are hopeless,

They play basketball to get out the misery of life,

And yet, their soul, their destiny, still unfulfilled.


About the poem: It's NCAA Basketball time, which is the only time I pay attention to basketball, as a rule (including providing you with Whodathunkit?!: The 64... make that 68 best things you REALLY WANT to know about this year's NCAA Men's Tournament.), so I went searching for basketball poems and found a bunch of them on

I liked this one the best -- not because it's depressing (it is) but because of the claim that basketball is seen as way out of poverty, and because of the vivid metaphor about drive by shootings.

About the Hot Actress: Camila Alves may not technically be an actress (she played "Chatting Woman #3 as an uncredited role in Snow Dogs), but she is Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend, and since Sweetie announced this week that she wants to see The Lincoln Lawyer and since I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't discontinued it, Matthew would be a Hunk of the Week, and since I'm pretty sure that's the only reason Sweetie would want to see The Lincoln Lawyer, I thought turnabout should be fair play, and I now intend to rent Snow Dogs.

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