Sunday, October 23, 2011

How Close is Too Close…? (What the H?)

Today, Middle Daughter's guest post, "What the H?" shows you how not to make a good impression on her.

It may be that I am the only one in the world that has a problem with other strange people not respecting personal space but I don’t understand why people insist on standing so insanely close to another strange person.

It has happened many times, not just to me, but I have seen it done to other people and I could tell that they also have issues with people doing just that.


I was at Target and I was just buying some necessities and it was around seven-thirty or so on a Tuesday night. Which meant that there are not many people in the store so there are not many workers at registers checking people out.

I got what I needed and headed towards the registers. There were four associates checking customers out and so I hopped in the shortest line since I only had three items I didn’t think that it would take long.

Ahead of me was a mother and her two children. Bless her soul she had a young daughter around the age of six as well as a little son around the age of four. I was staying back because I wanted to give her space because I CAN understand that concept. Plus nowadays when people shop they rarely use cash anymore so when they use their credit or debit cards they don’t want people standing too close to get their numbers or what not.

I had been waiting there a while because the mother before me had a bunch of stuff in her cart and all of a sudden I could feel someone breathing behind me. I turned around and noticed that there was another customer behind me. I looked at him as if to tell him “back off” but he didn’t seem to get the hint.

When the woman moved forward and was ready to swipe her card I did not move forward because I believed that she needed her privacy. The man behind me noticed that I didn’t move and he started huffing and puffing.

I did not place my items on the counter until the woman ahead of me was finished and ready to leave. As soon as she left I placed my items on the convey0r belt and proceeded to chat with the clerk behind the counter. The man followed suit and since he was standing too extremely close to me the woman checking me out asked if we were together or separate. I told her separate and she just checked out my items. I paid with cash and the man was standing so close to me I think that he could see my driver’s license and tell me my driver’s license number. I wanted to turn to him and tell him:

Listen I would really appreciate if you would please step back because I am not happy with the fact that I can tell what you had for dinner because I can smell your breath. Thanks!”

But I didn’t. I paid and received my change and left.\


How many of you have felt the same way? Or is it just me?

Middle does not know I'm adding this to her post:


Rusty Webb said...

Arrid extra dry? What about Seinfeld?

Hope that link works.

Michael Offutt said...

This is why I avoid contact with all people and live in a cave only to venture out for food. People scare me.

Middle said...

Yes the close was exactly how it was, minus the talking and the was rude and smelly, and I would avoid the world if I could but it would be so much nicer to do that plus then I wouldn't have to smell other people...haha