Saturday, October 08, 2011

I expect this story to be optioned into a multimilliondollar movie franchise by the end of the day. (Quote of the Day)

"What kiss-asses."

-- Sweetie.

Both Mr F and Mr Bunches are in 4k, and Mr Bunches' teacher sends home a newsletter each week that updates people on the class and what they're doing. This week, the teacher noted that some parents were saying there should be more homework.

I second Sweetie's emotion, even though Mr Bunches' homework usually only amounts to doing things like this having to draw and/or tell a story about a stuffed animal that was sent home, as he had to do one day, when we created a stunning work of original fiction that I like to call "The Fish Story: A Memoir."

It's sort of Hemingway-esque. First, we drew a fish, as required, me handing Mr Bunches the crayons and him drawing and coloring it in. Then, I said:

"You have to tell a story about the fish. What do you want to say about the fish?"

Mr Bunches thought a second, and then said his fish story, which I helped him write down:

That says "I drew a fish," in case you were having trouble reading it. It's a true-life, coming of age tale.

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Middle said...

I agree with mom...(Sweetie) Brown Nose's!!!!!