Thursday, November 03, 2011

Appreciating The Big Things (Thinking The Lions)

Every night, I get to drive home past these two giant cranes. I love to look at them, especially silhouetted by the sunset. They make me feel impressed by what people can achieve. These cranes are so big that they have to be built onsite. Which means guys build by hand something that's necessary to build something even bigger.


Rusty Webb said...

Cranes are pretty. I've always marveled at large structures and machines. I get that uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that seems to be saying, "You've been tinkering with forces you can't comprehend."

I think that is mostly because my stomach only has that one kind of uneasy feeling, so it gets co-opted for other uses. Like when I'm impressed.

anna. said...

this is awesome. jealous of your awesome view.

anna. said...

ARGH. i hate using double adjectives. sincerest apologies. as someone who writes for a living, i ought to learn to be more descriptive.

...i do like the word awesome though.