Tuesday, November 08, 2011

For a change, it's not from anyone in my family. (Quote Of The Day)

That was on a bulletin board outside Mr F's classroom; I took the picture waiting for Mr F's parent-teacher conferences.

(By the way: Mr F got all checks for his grades. I assume that's good.)


Anonymous said...

So that answers the question of how many Pollocks it takes to eat an apple pie: none because Pollocks don't like apple pie!

Wait, am I going to be sued for being racially insensitive? Better post this anonymously.

Michael Offutt said...

It's funny that you say Mr. F. got all checks. Do you ever wonder that by calling him Mr. F, you are subliminally programming your child to expect "F"'s in school. I would call my child, "Mr. A" and hope it sunk in.

Rusty Webb said...

Apple pies are awesome. Did America invent those too? We're awesome.