Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SUPERXmas! A Quick Update!

And in no particular order, which is just great for you, because it means my ramblings will make less sense than ever.

I have, of course, continued SUPERXmas! even though I've spent most of my time blogging, and so I'm going to do a quick update here using pictures and, of course, words, because words are my first-favorite way to say things.

So here goes:

My toaster is insufficiently cool, is but one of the things I learned while doing Xmas Shopping Round One, when Mr Bunches and I wandered into the small appliance aisles and saw toasters that are way cooler than the one we've got. I particularly liked the purple one, but the red one would probably get more girls if you're a single guy.

Mr F is not asleep here. He's reading a book he wanted to buy. That's on the same trip, which was (I think) Monday the 14th, when we picked up 90% of the presents that we still had to get including the present that we got which made us get another present: If you look at the cart, you'll see Shark Attack Hot Wheels on the bottom, which is a present Mr Bunches wanted very much.

We took a chance and bought it for him despite the fact that he was there on the trip, because he was on my shoulders and couldn't see the cart, but he noticed the Hot Wheels set on the way home and then just kept saying "Shark Attack Hot Wheels?!" in a hopeful, pleading voice over and over until we gave in and let him play with it, so we had to go back out and get him a new Xmas present.

Also: They had these.

This is really not Xmas related at all. Mr F fell was sitting on his dresser reading and he fell asleep. I thought it was cute, especially because he was wearing his Crocs.

Here's a turkey a client gave me as a thank you for being an awesome lawyer. So I get poultry for doing this.

This is the black-and-white photo of a Christmas tree that goes with a "My Daily Walk" post a while back when I couldn't post my photos. Yes, Rusty: You should take pictures while you walk. I do it because (a) I love pictures almost as much as I love words and (b) it makes you really look at things around you if you're trying to find interesting photos.

I liked that you could see how big the actual toy was, and that they had "boulders" in quotes so that nobody would sue them when the toy wouldn't eat actual boulders.

Last Thursday, we got to go with Mr Bunches to his school and make Gingerbread houses. Mr Bunches picked out all his decorations and did almost all the frosting himself, and then put all the decorations on himself. His was the best in the class. Sorry, other parents. It's true. And I'll explain why.

Because he used the stars like this, without any prompting from me or Sweetie, and he was the only kid in the class to do that. Genius? Or supergenius? You don't have to sell me on Mr Bunches. I'm buying.

Two ornaments on Xmas Shopping Round Two caught my eye because I can't imagine who wants to hang a Bud Light can on their Christmas tree, and is this actually better than just hanging a real Bud Light can on your tree?

And then for the life of me I couldn't figure out why they chose The Man In Black as the song this ornament plays. Johnny sang Christmas songs, you know. I remember my dad playing Johnny's Christmas album. Go Tell It On The Mountain is a classic.

Here, by the way, is Mr Bunches at the outset of the Gingerbread House project.

This is my niece on Saturday, trying on the princess dress and feather boa we gave her for Christmas. The dress was one of four things she asked for, the other three things being (1) high heeled shoes (2) a chainsaw and (3) a gun.

The feather boa was Sweetie's idea.

This is a Narnian door from one of my walks where I couldn't post the pictures.

Here are some more pictures from Christmas at my sister-in-law's. They show people standing around and playing,

and other people standing around and playing,

and then some more of that.

This was from two photos I posted on Twitter after which I was accused of having killed my kids with too much shopping. Mr Bunches hit the floor first. Mr F joined him, I think because he was jealous that Mr Bunches got to lay down in public and he didn't.

Here's Mr F, Chair Pioneer. Again, not really Christmas-y, but so what?

Decorating the tree! We began with the star, because Mr Bunches was excited about putting that on.

Then we laid out the supplies, the supplies being "candy" and "the tree." This was the year I finally realized "it's stupid to take apart this tree and then put it back together again next year," and so this year I am not taking the tree apart. I'm going to bag it and put it in the garage, fully assembled/lit because I hate assembling and putting lights on the tree, so this is it for me.

Gravity was much stronger this Xmas than past Xmases.

And that's the update for now. I've got other pictures but other things to do, so you'll have to wait for a picture of the completed tree.

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Grumpy Bulldog, Secret Agent said...

Those Star Wars ornaments are frightening.

Andrew Leon said...

I want a toaster! But I want one of those Darth Vader toasters that puts Vader's head on your toast. My kids agree with me.

I mean to take the camera with me much more frequently on my walks, but I usually forget.