Sunday, February 19, 2012

For a change, the Internet SAVES a marriage.

Remember how I mentioned clipix a while back? Well, I’ve already started using it to improve my marriage. Listen up, guys, here’s how you do it.

In case you don’t know what Clipix is, a refresher course:

Clipix is a site that helps you remember and shar what you see on the web.  You login to create an account (I used my Twitter account) and then drag the Clipix button to your browser bar, and then…

…surf the web. 

That’s it. Just go about your web business, until you see something you like and then BAM! You Click the Clipix button (it doesn’t actually make a BAM! Sound) and you’ll be able to add the thing you found to a “board,”, like a clipboard to hold all your ‘net finds.

Clipix 1

And, more importantly, you can SHARE them.  Which is where Sweetie comes in. I told Sweetie, who likes to shop and likes me to buy her stuff, about Clipix, and installed a Clipix board on our home laptop.  Then, I told Sweetie when she saw something she wanted, to Clipix it into a board for gift ideas – and now, when I have to get an anniversary present or a Valentine’s present or an “Oh, I told you I’d be home at 5? Sorry, I meant 9” present, I’ve got a list of suggestions right there – by website, size, color, everything.

Clipix is AWESOME that way. It makes it easier for me to be a decent husband – but you could use it to be a better writer (clip and save articles) or a better friend (sync your boards to share news about teams you like with your buddies) or a better employee (but who would want to use the Internet for work)(In case you want to, you could clip and share articles about your area of expertise).

Marriage saver, job saver, movie reminder… is there anything Clipix can’t do? If I missed something, let me know in the comments – but first go join Clipix!

Clipix 2

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