Saturday, May 05, 2012

Not many graffiti artists have a good copy editor, and other photos from my week. (A Photo Essay)

Here are the pictures I hoped to use this week, but didn't.

Mr F, at my office, one Sunday:

Almost every Sunday me and the boys go to the office to do a little organizing for the week.   organize, they watch stuff on the iPad and play toys, and then we go do something fun.  Mr F this particular Sunday was feeling standoffish.  Later that day, we'd try to go to the Houdini exhibit at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, but Mr F was also feeling nonmuseumish.

I took this from atop the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art; we made it to the roof, and then looked around a bit at stuff until Mr Bunches tried to climb up the wall and then I got nervous and we left to go to McDonald's.


This is a sculpture on the roof of the Madison Museum of Art.  Officially, you are not supposed to take pictures of the stuff in the Museum.  But nobody else was up there, and why can't you take pictures of art?  Get over yourself, artists.  Me taking pictures of your stuff and putting it on a blog might be just the break you need.  Snobs.

Wizard, Or Something:

Walking back to our car after the Museum, we went by Madison College, which has an arch leading to its main entrance.  This guy is on the arch.  He may be a druid.

I've been trying to exercise every other day, and Tuesday I went for a walk after the boys were in bed.  This is a close-up of the Don't Walk signal on the stoplight near the park near my house.

Honestly, this picture was better in real life.  NPR yesterday had a sad and also kind of mean story about a guy who refused to take pictures of desert flowers for his dying friend because he thought the pictures wouldn't look good, and I can sympathize with that because this picture is actually of a ghostly contrail from a jet that was lit up very faintly by the moon and looked like the spirit of a falling star, but in the picture it just looks like dark.

This is Mr Bunches, playing at the bike rack outside Madison College.

This is in our backyard.  Mr F wanted to sit behind the bush and get some alone time.  Mr Bunches was jealous of Mr F getting some alone time, so he joined in.  You can see Mr F's reaction.

Flowers.  In our backyard.
These are some stairs in our front yard.  I took these in black-and-white because I had a fit of artsiness that day.

I've previously said that everything looks more significant in black & white, and that kind of seems true.  I was just snapping photos and I liked the way those plants looked, with the patterns and textures being more noticeable for the lack of color.  (Artists:  I'll see your snobbery and raise you!)

Titled that way because Mr Bunches has recently been watching Enchanted on an endless loop, leading him to be fascinated by manholes when we come across them.  What Narnian doors are to me, manholes are to Mr Bunches.  If life were really cool, a dragon would come out of that hole someday.

The timing and black-and-white on this picture is coincidental.  I wanted a picture of Mr Bunches in our backyard, and forgot that I had it on B&W.  At the time I snapped it, he turned around crying because he wanted to go walk down that road you can barely see, but he'd just been told he couldn't; that's the "private road" we used to walk down to throw rocks in the lake, but the rich-folk, jerky neighbors who live back there said we had to stop.

So now, whenever Mr Bunches says he wants to go on that road, I say as loudly as I can "No, we can't. That road is owned by rich, mean people and we don't like them."

At the park:

Later that week, we walked to the water tower and park, and got to the pond just as sunset.

I particularly liked that one, until I got to the best one.  It's a reflection of the clouds and the weeds in the water but looks like it could be dark sky with the sun breaking through.

This is the best one:

That picture above might be the best picture I ever took.  You can see Mr Bunches, silhouetted in the lower right corner.

Graffiti Typo

I went to dinner with my old law school roommate Friday.  Outside the restaurant, we saw this graffiti, which is both obscure in meaning and needed editing.


I was messing around with my camera, taking pictures of this little Easter-spinning-light-toy thing that Mr F had.  It's a tiny bunny in a glass egg with spinning lights around it, but I liked these.  They look like good sci-fi novel covers.

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