Monday, May 07, 2012

Then, 2

Nikorette, by Conor Oberst:

The lyric, I don't want to dream if it don't come true, makes me wonder.

At first I thought That's wrong, I still want to dream even if it doesn't come true but then I thought no, only dreams that have a chance to come true should be in my head and I go back and forth on it.  Right now, I'm on dream away, even if there's no chance it'll come true.


anna. said...

i'm torn. i like dreaming but it's also kind of depressing if it won't ever come true...

gosh. i'm going to be thinking about this all night.

Andrew Leon said...

I tend to not waste time on dreams that aren't possible. However, improbably, even highly improbable, are perfectly acceptable.