Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who Needs Food Anyhow? (Middle)

This is why I hate grocery shopping…

I hate grocery shopping for many reasons.  One being that it’s always so cold in there.  Two is that no one ever knows what they are doing. 

I was in the grocery store today and when I walked in I noticed a woman trying to get a cart so I moved aside to let her go through.  I was up against a wall and she was pushing her cart into me.  I was starting to get annoyed but I was trying not to get mad because that would be just ridiculous.  But then I did start to get angry because she started to push her cart onto my foot and it is ridiculously hot today so I was wearing sandals.

I looked at her and yelled “Just go backwards I cannot go anywhere!”  I didn’t mean to yell at her but my frustration was ready to explode.  She looked at me stunned as if I had just run over her puppy.  Again I said “You are running over my feet and there is a wall behind me just move backwards!”  Again she was stunned.  I moved her cart and walked away from the situation before it got any worse.

On a different note, when I go to the store I go there for a specific reason and it always seems like everyone else is there to fiddle fart around and be in my way.  It’s as if I become invisible when I go to the store because everyone is running into me and in my way.  Even when I say excuse me they don’t hear me.

And the workers there always look so unhappy.  I just want to smack them sometimes and tell them that it’s okay to smile. 

And I love the grocery store it puts food in my stomach but I always dread going there.      


Briane P said...

If you had been able to come with us to Florida you could have avoided that whole terrible scene.

People suck, is the answer to your question.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I hate the grocery store too. You have my sympathies.