Monday, September 24, 2012

A Minute With Mr Bunches: Solo Robot Boxing.

When I was a kid, "Rockem Sockem Robots" were bigger, and tougher, and robotier.

Or so I choose to remember because everything was better when I was a kid, except for the stuff that clearly is NOT.  OHMYGOD I wish we'd had iPads and stuff like that as a kid.  We had those little handheld football games in which the player was a tiny red LED, and you pushed buttons frantically to make him go up and down.  Do you know how sucky that was? VERY SUCKY.

Worse were those little water games you used to get, where you push the one button and make the water in the tube squirt up and blow around the stuff in the plastic container, like a basketball, and hope it gets into the hoop by random chance? Those were terrible.  ONE BUTTON.  What was THAT about? And yet, we loved them.

Because we didn't know any better, is my point.  Because we didn't know any better.

Mr Bunches, with access to iPads and the Internet and all, knows better, but still loves himself some retro games.  Here he is engaging in Solo Rockem Sockem Roboting.  I am sure this will be an Olympic sport someday.

Because of the facial expressions.

Hang around until 0:50 and see what I mean.

PS: Did you know they have those water squirt games for an iPad? It's true:

So now you can be virtual bored.

PPS: Later, Mr Bunches relented and let me play, and together we discovered the secret to winning.  Want to know the secret? You've got to sort of lunge your robot forward as you punch, and you'll get 'em every time.  Once we learned that, we spent a happy half hour Rockeming and Sockeming, until Mr Bunches again banished me from the game.


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Dang I never had any Rock Em Sock Em Robots. We just had Transformers and probably some of them did lose their heads.

Briane P said...

That's because you're too young to have R/S Robots.

Briane P said...

Or not young enough now that it's come back around.

Liz said...

Never had Rock Em Sock Em Robots. Had Hungry Hungry Hippos, though. That was fun.

Andrew Leon said...

My cousin had Rock 'ems. I had one of those electronic football games. I think I still have it around somewhere.
You know what was worse? Those vibrating football fields where you lined your guys up and turned it on to see if your ball carrier would magically vibrate into the in-zone without being touched by an opposing player.

Maurice Mitchell said...

I had all those toys. It's funny I never knew how lousy those toys were. To me they were brilliant. And I will now win every Rock 'em game. Thanks Briane

middle said...

no one decides to comment on how insane mr bunches looks...ahh..I wanted to scream with terror!