Friday, October 19, 2012

Get yourself some free books for the weekend.

This morning it was politics.  Tomorrow it will be cheeseburgers and superheroes.  But for right now, it's a plug for Andrew Leon's latest installment of his ongoing serial horror story, Shadow Spinner.

Part Seven in this ongoing serial is available for free on Amazon, right now, for free, and this book definitely deserves readers and reviewers.  The ongoing story of young Tib, a 10-year-old whose mom is out of it for unknown (as yet) reasons, but who is being pursued by haunting shadows and The Man With No Eyes takes a dramatic turn when Tib's journey home from school is interrupted by...

... go read it, will you?  Click here to go buy Part Seven of Shadow Spinner.

Also: Andrew is giving away a free book of your choice just for reviewing one of his stories.  Details are here on his blog.  You have until Monday to review one of his stories and then win your book.  GO DO IT!  You're not doing anything else anyway.  It's Friday afternoon. You're just killing time until 5 p.m. anyway.  At least if you're clicking and typing reviews it'll look like you're working.


Andrew Leon said...

Hey, awesome!
Thank you!

It's amazing the amount of effort that goes into getting reviews. It's worse than writing!
Wait, no, that's not what I meant!
Well... sort of...

Andrew Leon said...

You might want to check my response to your comment on my blog. Just FYI.
Also, you might not want to, but there's no way to know until or unless you do.

Liz said...

You've obviously never been in a room with 35 7th graders who are supposed to be watching a video and answering questions. They need my undivided attention, else they might find something else to do.

(At the moment it's a prep period... Wait, that means I don't really have an excuse. Oops.)

Rusty Webb said...

Sounds like a plan.