Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I admit, I am easily distracted by suspenders but there is some good information in this post.

I often tell people I am a "suspenders and a belt" kind of guy, which, if you think about it, makes me sound kind of weird.  I mean, who wears suspenders these days?  Nobody.  Or do they? I don't get out a lot.

Suspenders were kind of big back in the 1980s, when we went through various crazes like "cargo pants" and "suspenders" and "pink Tommy Hilfiger shirts" which I kind of liked but anyway, I digress because I'm not talking about suspenders, I'm talking about this site I just found called DealDash which sounds like it's a race or something but it's not really.

What DealDash is, is a safe place to get cool stuff for less: it's an auction site, but not like other sites where you might not get the stuff you want, or where you have to buy bids and never get them back if you lose.

You know what I'm talking about, right? Those "penny auction" sites where you buy bids for a ton of money, then bid on things like iPads and don't win and you're out your bids so it's like a big con.

Deal Dash isn't like that.  Yes, it's an auction site, yes you buy bids, but NO, there's really no risk which is why I thought of that suspenders-and-belt thing: the idea behind that saying is to reduce the odds of something (your pants) going wrong (dropping off of you while you are meeting someone important, like the Dalai Lama or the guy who invented Tootsie Roll pops.)

 With Deal Dash, you create an account (free!) and then buy bids-- you pay as little as 15 cents for a bid and they have all these sales all the time to let you get bids for really cheap.

Then you bid on the items you want -- they've got Playstation 3, cameras, gift cards, a taco server rack about which I first thought "Lame" but then instantly decided I wanted really a lot -- and if you don't get the item and you're a first-time bidder, you get your bids back.

NO risk!  (That's the suspenders)

Or, if you don't get the item, you can then just buy it at the regular on-site price and get your bids back, too!

NO risk!  (That's the belt.)

And if you buy something and don't like it, Deal Dash has a 100% no-questions-asked-money back guarantee.

NO risk! (That's... um... some new kind of space-age pants supporter.  Laser Supports!)

So I'm pretty big on Deal Dash right now, and I think I'm gonna go get me that taco rack before Sweetie wakes up and starts looking for her... I mean our... credit card.  I'll see you over there, as I am sure that I have convinced you to GO TRY DEAL DASH.

(The capital letters did it, right? ALWAYS WORKS.)


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I don't usually eat tacos, but now I really want a taco rack.

Andrew Leon said...

I've never worn suspenders.