Monday, October 01, 2012

The Great Space Battle!

No CGI involved... just old-school special effects.

(PS: I built the yellow one!)

PPS: If you look closely, you'll see it takes place just outside our own solar system!


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Are those dollar store toys or expensive ones?

Andrew Leon said...

Man, I miss those days.

Rusty Webb said...

Are those things fighting amongst themselves? They should be joining forces and attacking the giant kid that has them in his massive hands.

Family time is always fun.

Briane P said...

PT: They're "expensive ones." They're some kind of megablox that my dad bought for the boys a while back.

Rusty: If we could all only see the giant kid that is manipulating us with his massive hands, our lives would be quite different. There are none so blind as those who deny the truth of The Giant Kid Theory Of The Universe.

Briane P said...

Andrew: You miss the days of playing with the stuff? Or watching kids play with the stuff? Because if you have kids and you can convince them to let you use the blocks to make your own yellow spaceship, you get to play with them, even if later those kids say "No, Daddy, you go sit down" and take your yellow spaceship and use it for themselves.

Andrew Leon said...

I miss the feeling of what it was like to hold a spaceship in each hand and have one chase the other around the house. I know I -can- still do that, but it's not the same as it was when I was a kid. And my kids don't do that kind of thing anymore, and, if I suggested it, they'd give me the "crazy" look. Not the look that is crazy, but the look that says I'm the crazy one.

Part 6 is technically available, btw. But it will be free tomorrow.