Sunday, November 25, 2012

Deal Dash makes holiday shopping fun.

 Don't forget, this holidays season, to make shopping fun for you as well, and that's easy to do even sitting right where you are sitting right now, which I assume is in front of a computer, unless the movie version of this blog has already come out starring Charles Grodin as "Favorite Links."  Has it? The movie, I mean? No? Then you are probably sitting around reading this on your computer and that means that you could just as easily finish your shopping right NOW, using DealDash.

Deal Dash is a fun new auction site that lets you get great stuff for literally pennies and I am not mis-using literally there: I am literally using literally correctly.

At DealDash , you buy the bids in advance and bid on stuff you like (or stuff others like), like a 40" HDTV that just sold for $82.97, or a 65 GB Apple iPad mini that just sold for $211.69, and if your bid is the winning one, you get the goods.  But what's nice is that if you DON'T win the auction, you can always go buy the thing on that site anyway and get all your bids back.

SO you COULD shop at a regular old store where there's no element of fun and excitement and people will trample you to get a Furby, or you could go to Deal Dash.  As for me, I know what I am going to do: I am going to have another slice of pizza.

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Andrew Leon said...

Did the pizza come from DealDash?