Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Merry Christmas To All (e)Book A Day Traveling Blogathon (of Doom!)

BEGINS ON NOVEMBER 23RD!  And there are still slots open:

READERS: watch for your favorite blogs to feature the above badge; any blog with that badge will at some point between 11/23 and 12/24 be giving you a free (e)book from the author -- sometimes on more than one day!

WRITERS!  The Merry Christmas, etc., Of Doom, begins on 11/23, and all the details are here.  If you're not already signed up, leave a comment as to what days you'd like, after reviewing the details (Which are: post about holiday stuff, have the badge up, give away one of your books.)


11/26 and 12/10 and 12/17:  Andrew Leon, author of The House On the Corner and Shadow Spinner.

11/28, (and 12/5, 12/12, and 12/19):  Tony Laplume, author of Monorama.

11/30: PT Dilloway,  Author of "A Hero's Journey."

12/3:  Cindy Borgne, author of "Vallar"

12/4:  Michael Offutt, author of the trilogy "A Crisis of Two Worlds"

12/22: Vanna Smythe, author of "Protector: Anniversary of the Veil, Book One."

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Andrew Leon said...

Just letting you know that my computer died this morning. I think I'll still be able to handle my posts. I think. I'll let you know if anything changes with that.