Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just, what, 12 days? Hold on while I count.

So the fun (?) of 12/12/12 is over, but there's still something like 8 days before the world comes to an end, and 12 days 'til Christmas, which means either 8 or 12 more days of FREE BOOKS by commenting on a Traveling Blogathon of Doom post!  Here's where all the travelings are:

Today on the Blogathon:

Santa, Viking:  over on pop I let you in on and review Andrew Leon's Christmas On The Corner, the first of many Short Stories You Really Ought To Read.

 Yesterday on the Blogathon:

TONY LAPLUME , author of Monorama and other books, posted.

BOOK WINNERS SO FAR from my posts:

Lara Schiffbauer (who posts FUNNY PHOTO FRIDAY so you should bookmark her blog)  helped Kimberly Gartland win a copy of my book UP SO DOWN.

When "Bumpy" takes his sister's fiance out for a night on the town, a mysterious drowning crashes through their lives like a wrecking ball into an already-crumbling wall. Sarah mourns her lost lover by halfheartedly joining a group dedicated to proving there is a serial killer on the loose and jealously guarding her dying mother, while "Bumpy" moves to Las Vegas to take up a new career, only to accidentally stumble into his old one.

Through the course of a year that unfolds haphazardly and out-of-sequence, Bumpy and Sarah try to figure out how much of the past they ought to hold on to, and how much of the future is worth looking into

 CLICK HERE TO BUY IT FOR JUST $0.99.  It makes the perfect Xmas gift (for someone who likes this book.)

And Andrew Leon has selected The Scariest Things, You CAN'T Imagine as the book he won just for commenting!

A shape-shifting demon torments children while their parents stand by. A widower haunted by the ghost of his wife tries to understand her requests. A baby stolen from his mother by gargoyles returns, full of hatred for the life he's led. A family of children raised by grave-robbing corpse stealers tries to discover a way out. An elderly man possesses the power of life and death in his retirement. These stories present images and people who will haunt your thoughts for a long time after you read them. 

Liz ! Vanna! TONY! PT! You each still get to claim one of my books, free, as well.  Email/comment me to let me know which one you each want.  HERE IS THE COMPLETE LIST OF ALL MY EBOOKS. 


Andrew Leon said...

Tony never posted...:(
But I'm off to see a review!

Anonymous said...

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Rusty Webb said...

Andrew won himself one of the best anthologies I've ever had the good fortune of reading. I'm so sad I'll never again get to read it for the first time.

Briane P said...

Wait Rusty did I miss a post?

Tony Laplume said...

I don't know how I can say it again. The Godzilla book. The Godzilla book. Also, if you're going to be linking to one of my blogs for this blogathon, it should probably be the one where I'm participating, which is Scouring Monk, which is the blog I've been maintaining since 2003, which for most of its run has had very few readers. So a little exposure is good. Although my eponymous blog is not a bad place to visit, either.

Also, the Godzilla book.