Sunday, January 06, 2013

DealDash is superpopular, you guys. SUPERpopular.

You may get the impression that I am about the only person talking about DealDash, the penny-auction, never-lose, makes-shopping-fun site that I mention a lot.

Well, I am not the ONLY person who mentions it.  According to this DealDash Review on HuffPo, there are LOTS of people liking DealDash.

How many people? Try 305,000 registered users-- and that's just REGISTERED users.  They have over 1.5 million shoppers on the site, and the rest of the numbers are just as staggering: not just 305,000 registered users, but 200,000 bids per day buying 20,000 products per month.

They all know what I keep telling you, which is that Deal Dash is a great idea and a great site, and well it should be; according to that HuffPo article, the genesis of the site came about when its founder entered a penny auction and lost.  While he liked the idea well enough, he felt he shouldn't lose his bids, and so DealDash was born: the site where if you don't win the auction you can keep your bids AND still get the item at regular price, with free shipping for US orders thrown in.

See why I talk about it so much?  It's a great idea. And I like great ideas.

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