Friday, February 15, 2013

Wherein an editor gets lost, metaphorically and actually. But mostly metaphorically.

Back when we got married, a billion years ago, Sweetie and I wanted to make up our own invitations, because wedding invitations cost a lot and we didn't have a lot. 

But it was a hassle to get them done right -- we had to go to an office supply store, find nice paper, get good envelopes, find a picture, scan it in, print them all, fold them all, etc. etc.

That was before we knew about Vistaprint, which is a website we use all the time now.  Vistaprint is awesome!  I used them to make fliers and magnets for my judicial campaign.  We use them to make business cards and brochures.  Sweetie uses them for invites for reunions and Christmas cards.

And now they're even more awesomer with the Vistaprint deals from Best Online Coupons, another one of my favorite sites.

Best Online Coupons, which has deals on pretty much everything I buy, is one of the sites I have bookmarked on my computer.  I don't buy anything without checking to see if I can get a deal on it using a Best Online Coupon code or discount, and I almost always can.  Kids' toys, Amazon products, clothes: they've got deals on everything I want to buy.

And now they've got this Vistaprint coupon code 2013 that'll save you up to 40% on purchases, or get you business cards for just $3.99, even a free photo calendar so that you can have all those cute pictures of Mr F and Mr Bunches on the wall!  (You'll owe me royalties if you do that, though, so get your own kids.)

(Just kidding.  Pay me royalties instead.)

Anyway, the promo codes February 2013 are just one of the many ways to get stuff cheaper using Best Online Coupons.  But think how it could promote what you're doing: Want magnets to publicize your books? You can get 'em and send them out to your readers.  PEOPLE LOVE MAGNETS!  Want to get some embroidered polo shirts for your company? Vistaprint does that too and the coupon lets you get them cheaper.  They can even get you an 85% off deal on registering a copyright, so you can protect your intellectual property (TM)

That's right.  I trademarked the phrase intellectual property.  USING MY DISCOUNT.

Go check 'em out. 

Editor's note:  There are two corrections to this article.  First, nobody can actually trademark the phrase intellectual property because it is not in Latin.  Second, you do not owe anyone royalties.

Editor's note, two: There was no editor for this post.  He is entirely made up.

Editor's note, three:  I am?  Ouch.  That stings.  To come into existence and have a role in the universe only to be told I am a figment of someone's imagination... this is going to send me straight to therapy.
 Editor's note, four:  The prior editor for this post was last seen trekking into the Amazon jungle carrying nothing but a canteen for water and a copy of the book "The Last Of The Really Great Whangdoodles."  Information on his current whereabouts should be sent to his family, which is also fictional. 


PT Dilloway, Grumpy Bulldog said...

Did you and Sweetie have another romantic dinner at Panera Bread last night?

Andrew Leon said...

You had a judicial campaign?
Did you win? You're not the judge of me!
By the way, I have chocolate here. I guessed at the flavors you might like since I didn't hear back from that question. I need a place to send it.

Briane P said...

HA! It was pizza, and it was for lunch today.

Andrew: I withdrew from the race because Our Brilliant Governor changed the public health care benefits and I couldn't be assured that Mr F and Mr Bunches would get therapy under the insurance judges get.

Andrew Leon said...

Oh... that really sucks.
Well, I'd have voted for you. Not that my vote would count.