Sunday, April 14, 2013

If Mr Bunches Ran The Zoo (Life With Unicorns)

We're going to take Mr F and Mr Bunches to a petting zoo put on by a local company later today.

Mr Bunches has been trying to guess what animals are going to be there.

"Is there a snake?" he asked.

I said there might be a snake.

"A parrot?" he asked.  I agreed that it might be an unusual petting zoo and have a snake and a parrot.

"What about a fish?" he asked.


Andrew Leon said...

I don't like petting fish. The make my hands smell bad. But, mostly, I just don't like watching them laying there on the ground when the guy takes them out of the tank for petting.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Very cute story. A fish petting zoo. LOL It could work!