Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mr F, Chair Pioneer (Life With Unicorns)

That is a reclining chair with a footrest. But you wouldn't want to use it that way, right? That would be boring.


Andrew Leon said...

I was never allowed to play with footrests when I was a kid. :(

Briane P said...


Like you couldn't use them at all?

Or you just couldn't MISuse them?

Andrew Leon said...

Any kind of playing with the footrests was a form of misuse since I couldn't actually use them for their intended purpose. You know, my legs not being long enough and all of that.

Did you get the email I sent yesterday?

Briane P said...

No. You sent an email? I didn't see it.

Andrew Leon said...

I just sent it again as a "forward."