Friday, June 07, 2013

Hey, how is Mr Bunches' Traveling Salvation Garden doing?

Quite well: Look at all these ACTUAL PLANTS OF NATURE.  If it ever stops raining, we may go ahead and plant them in our garden. 


Andrew Leon said...

That's awesome!
We had our first tomato. Had. because I knocked it off the vine while trying to look at it. :(

Maurice Mitchell said...

I used to have a pretty good garden going a few years ago, but I'm having trouble getting plants to grow. You have a great looking set of plants Man.

Rusty Webb said...

The wife has been raising flowery things from seeds this year, hopefully to make the $1500 per year in plant purchases go down a bit.

Anyway, in between rainstorms this weekend, she's been putting the saplings into the actual ground. It's been very exciting. Except that it hasn't, but I'm trying to be excited.

Briane P said...


$1500 per year? We haven't spent $1500 on our garden in MY LIFETIME. I'm jealous. These are FREE seeds from the Children's museum. That's what I'm reduced to: Soup Kitchen Seeds.

Maurice: We have to grow these plants in cups because our yard is toxic. OR haunted. Probably both.


That sucks. If you like fresh tomatos, that is. I prefer artificially created "Tomato (TM)" which have never actually been touched by nature and are printed on a 3d printer using specially formulated protein paste.

Andrew Leon said...

It did suck. It was this incredible over-achiever as far as tomatoes go--we still don't have any other ones--and I knocked it off the vine before it was ready.

I'm not really much of a tomato person, BUT the tomatoes we grew last year were very excellent, so I'm hoping the same this year.