Sunday, September 22, 2013

A spider's fangs, two free books, and a mention of Rusty Carl's awesome new book!

Clikkerclakk, the fangs went.


And they jabbed down spearing down at me poison glistening from the tips of them, as I struggled helplessly to try to roll even the tiniest bit to the side.

One fang struck true: it dug into my rib cage, and I could feel the needle-sharp end of it piercing first the skin, then the muscles, and even as I became aware of what I assumed was each precious micro-second of what remained of my life, even as I felt the cooooooolllllllld poison spreading into my lungs, my chest, even then I realized that the other fang had clicked off of something...

THAT is the start of PART FIVE OF "This Is How I...", the horror story I'm writing WITH YOUR HELP.  It appears, in full, on lit, a place for stories, today, and you can read the installment and help pick where it goes: all comments and suggestions will be worked into part 6, making it the first ever crowd-sourced story!

Your turn! What happens next? What SHOULD happen?  Today, ALL SUGGESTIONS, yes I mean ALL OF THEM, WILL BE WORKED INTO THE NEXT PART OF THE STORY!

This is all being done to support "Temporary Anne," my newest book.  

ABOUT THE BOOK: Temporary Anne didn't want to go to Hell, but no other life would have her...

"Amazing to read. The man just oozes cleverness. And his descriptions of the demon world are the best I've ever read anywhere. Creepy as hell." Speculative fiction Author Rusty Carl.

 "It's fascinating. If you like horror, this is definitely a book worth reading."-- Fantasy/Spec fic author Andrew Leon

"Another chilling tale from the author of The Scariest Thing You Can't Imagine. ...Pagel's style reminds me a lot of Vonnegut's work in that while the narration seems jaunty with its humorous asides and such, there's a lot of hidden depth to that narration."-- Author PT Dilloway.

AND, as an added bonus, I'm going to let you get a complete book of horror stories, FREE, today.  "The Scariest Things, You CAN'T Imagine" is full of monsters tormenting kids, dead wives coming back from the grave, catacombs full of bodies, angry babies stolen by gargoyles, and more.  NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.  Get it free today by clicking here!

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