Sunday, October 06, 2013

Free book!

Day NINE of the release tour for Temporary Anne, is up on Lara Schiffbauer's Motivation For Creation today!  .

And while you're at it, you can get the book, "Temporary Anne," FOR FREE today.  If you haven't already picked it up, check out this story of a woman too evil to stay out of Hell, but too evil to go there, either!  CLICK HERE TO GET IT FREE.

And a bonus free book!  Today only, get

Up So Down:  Follow a brother and sister through a year in their lives, as Sarah's fiance drowns under mysterious circumstances, causing Sarah to pull back from life while her brother, Dylan, uses the experience as an excuse to broaden his horizons.  Beautiful, sad, uplifting, and engrossing, "Up So Down" is a book for everyone who knows someone.

Get it free today by clicking here! 


A Beer For The Shower said...

I'm gonna go check out Day Nine, but seriously, can I just mail you a few dollars or something? All of this free stuff is getting on my conscience. And last I checked, I barely even have one of those.

Briane P said...

If anything, I should mail YOU guys money.

No, I don't know what that means. I just said it to be polite.