Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween! (A Photo Essay)

THIS YEAR, Mr Bunches is:


And Mr F is:



Pat Dilloway said...

Those are pretty good jack o lanterns. I never much liked carving pumpkins; it was too annoying to get all the guts out. Now who would win: Superman or Spider-Man?

Briane P said...

First off, when we were kids we used to have to clean the pumpkin entirely: my mom and dad were sticklers for that. The pumpkin needed to be practically sterile inside before you could even begin carving.

I no longer believe that. It's PRETTY CLEAN but if you were to look in the pumpkins you'd still find some guts in there. It's easier to ignore those now that we don't use candles (they're lit by little Halloween lanterns.)

Secondly: Superman and Spider-Man fought each other in a supersize comic crossover from the 1970s. They were set up by Doc Ock and Lex Luthor, and Spider-Man was temporarily made stronger by the addition of some sort of ray gun that Lex zapped him with. You can read all about it here:

I actually HAVE that comic, in near mint condition.

But aside from that, I don't remember how it turned out, so I'm going to say "Superman."

Andrew Leon said...

I have that comic, too, although I don't remember what condition mine is in.
Remember, Spider-Man did once knock out the Hulk, and we all know that the Hulk would beat Superman worse than Doomsday did.

Tina said...

We don't carve pumpkins anymore. Too many punk teenagers in the neighborhood who throw them all in the street and drive over them repeatedly. Really pissed me off, so as a general, unspoken consensus, no one in the area really does anymore. My cousin's husband is the champ though. His are UH-mazing.
Tina @ Life is Good

Rusty Webb said...

I find pumpkin carving a throwback to early man. When we built fire and created wheels and made headless fertility totems to carry around in our leather purse thingies that ancient man carried.

Therefore, I am really bad at it. Having spent over an hour trying to start a fire from a piece of wood that said, "Extra dry and easy to light" right on the wrapper. I worked really hard on it, never could get the fire to start.

Then, I tried carving a pumpkin last year. Worst thing I've ever seen. Awful. Your brave.