Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's bad enough I have to HAVE neighbors, let alone have them mad at me.

I am acutely conscious of the fact that you can only push neighbors so far before they actually do finally circulate that petition they've been threatening and kick me out of the neighborhood and make me go live someplace where the people all look a bit funny, the way people in other neighborhoods always do. (I think it's the noses. They look weird, like they're all police sketches.)

That's why if I ever have to sell my car, I'm not going to prop it on our lawn with "For Sale" painted on the window in soap.  I'll go to some website that'll help me  sell my car online.  Like that one the link goes to! They've been around for ever, and they do business almost exclusively online, so they have lower overhead and can make better offers.  Plus, they're fast.  So if you've got a car to sell, click the link and get some cash, and keep your neighbors happy. Or at least moderately less unhappy, like I do.

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Andrew Leon said...

I hate neighbors, too. Even more, I hate HOAs.