Saturday, January 11, 2014

Writing: So that's all there is to it! (Thinking The Lions)

(Thanks to Dinosaur Comics)

Writing: I've been doing it all wrong.

(PS: If you didn't already know, there's two great websites that have to do with writing:

lit, a place for stories is both a place for stories and a place for writers to get paid! Click here for stories and here to find out how you can get paid if you are a writer who wants to get paid (i.e., if you are a writer.)


Indie Writers Monthly is a new venture from several speculative fiction writers offering tips on writing, tips on publishing, reviews of scifi and fantasy movies, and, lately, challenges to me from scifi author Rusty Carl.  Click here to check it out.)


Rusty Carl said...

So you were off the grid yesterday creating the greatest story every told? I admit, I am intrigued.

Andrew Leon said...

But people always think they're funnier than they are.

True story.

I think there's already a movie or something called The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Briane P said...


I've been working on it all week. I'm at about 8,000 words. I was going to be a short story but obvs it's not anymore.

Andrew: Rusty named it that, not me. But you'll get credit, as you helped inspire it. So I'm going to focus on it and do short posts only when I need to for a break.

Andrew Leon said...

Hey, I'll take any credit thrown my way!