Saturday, February 08, 2014


Read about how this picture came about in Sexy Non Sequitur.
Other stuff I've written elsewhere this week:

2 Frogs try to invent a word in the short story "2 Frogs"

Dendrion destroyed the world because he couldn't save his dad, but what does he do now? Find out in the short story "hoc nunc est, quod tunc erat, et nunc... et nunc... et nunc...

And my piece on whether binge publishing is a good idea or not and whether advice-givers are actually trying to help indie writers is still up on Indie Writers Monthly

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Robin said...

Thanks for sharing the links.

I particularly enjoyed the bit on Binge Writing. You know because SO MANY WRITERS are cranking out 5 or more novels each year that suck lemons.... hahaha.

Andrew Leon said...

I have this line that came to me this morning, but I don't have any time to do anything with it. It seems more like your kind of thing, anyway. I think it would be a great first line:

The threat of bacon lay heavily over...
the household?
the room?

Anyway, it's yours to use. Or not use.

Briane P said...

Ooooooh, Andrew. I could do something with that.

Robin: I know, right? What I do is just put a heavy book down on the keyboard, wait until 130+ pages are filled, upload it to the Kindle and then wait for royalties to drop like manna from Heaven. It hasn't worked yet but when I publish my next 33 novels tomorrow... *fingers crossed*