Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I would ONLY listen to this song if you want to be happy and have a lot of fun in your life. (The Greatest Thing In The World, EVER)

Sweetie played this song for me about 7 p.m. tonight, and I really liked it.

Then about 7:15 I played it again on my own.

Then at 7:45 before we went up to give baths I asked Mr Bunches if he wanted to hear this song and I played it and told him to dance, and he wouldn't.

So I danced, and then he danced with me. And then Sweetie danced with us, and then Mr F even danced with us a little bit.

And then we played it again and danced more.

And one more time.

We'd still be going but it's really past bedtime.

Here is the song:


Andrew Leon said...

I'll try to remember to listen to it tomorrow morning.

Rusty Carl said...

Well, thanks a lot. The missus fussed at me because she said she's been trying to get me to listen to this for some time, then YOU tell me to and I jump right into it.

So, she told me who it was, and said she liked the video too. I didn't tell her I was watching the video, so I just said 'ok' and then she'll feel like she got some of the credit for me seeing this.

I didn't dance or anything though. When I want to be happy I watch an episode of Chopped. I mean, someone can take cheetos, skittles, and lamb testicles and turn it all into a gourmet meal... that makes me happy.

Robin said...

That was awesome. I smiled all the way through. Also there was some foot tapping. I imagine the next time I listen there will be dancing. Look what you've started...

cleemckenzie said...

Oh yes. Loved that. Thanks for great start to my day. Valentine's Day! Hope it treats you well.