Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mr F, Chair Pioneer

Plato's theory of forms argues that ideas are real, and that the reality of ideas is separate from the reality of things.

Plato says that the idea of a thing is that perfect form of the thing that we hold in our minds as being the one true version of that thing.

This idea is itself a real thing, mirrored endlessly in the imperfect forms of things that surround us.

But what if Plato's theory is incomplete?

What if we can apply our idea of one thing to the reality of another, and in so doing, move that one thing closer to the idea of the other?


Robin said...

Big ideas here today. Going to attempt some follow through on this theory over at my place...

Crystal Collier said...

I honestly don't know, but I totally want a hammock chair. That looks so comfortable!

Briane P said...


It's actually a therapy swing that he's busy converting.

And I want one, too.


Every now and then I like to intellectualize things by misphrasing items I hastily read on Wikipedia. Don't worry: bad puns and half-remembered Simpsons' episodes will always be a staple of my repertoire.


Rusty Carl said...

I remember that!

Heh heh... that's my Plato joke.

Liz A. said...

That's really rather deep.