Monday, March 31, 2014

I get asked to make a lot of things out of blocks... (Life With Unicorns)

and tonight, we are working our way through the book "Let's Go," featuring various forms of transportation. We made it through cars and trucks and are now onto Cycles. 


is a 10-speed bike.

Say what you want, but Michaelangelo didn't have to work with plastic blocks.

Anyway, my tricycle was a little better:


Andrew Leon said...

Michelangelo would have taken a chisel to those blocks and gotten what he wanted out of them. Probably not a 10-speed, though.

Robin said...

I am going to jump off the topic because THIS is what my brain thought of as soon as I saw the cycles. Forgive me.

When I worked selling maintenance supplies... I will give you a moment to wrap your brain around that idea... one of my accounts was a huge chemical plant. I sold supplies in various shops out there, but ultimately one of my best ended up being in the vehicular maintenance. I remember the first time I sat down with the supervisor over there, I asked him, "Now what do you work on in here?"

His answer: "Anything that rolls."

Bikes roll. That is how we circle back to your post. Though I never did see a bicycle in there for repair. No matter.

I give you kudos for trying with those blocks. They had square ends. Nothing was going to roll.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Awe that's cool Briane. Making the kids happy.