Monday, March 24, 2014

Mr F, Chair Pioneer

There is what is

And there is what isn't,

And there is what could be

That's where Mr F lives.


Robin said...

What is he holding in his hands? Pencils? I can't quite see it.

I think Mr. F is going to be one of those super creative types who invents something like teleportation (Star Trek style). He definitely thinks outside the box.

Maurice Mitchell said...

That's how Mr. F rolls Brian! If you hadn't shown the sidview I never would have known. Talented!

Briane P said...


Those are straws. Mr F has a variety of "tappers" he likes to carry with him -- spatulas, spoons, hangers, straws, etc. -- and that day it was straws.


There is NOTHING that cannot be a chair for Mr F. And it looks comfortable, actually!

Andrew Leon said...

I will only start to worry if he actually starts sitting on his head like Mork.