Monday, April 14, 2014

A Minute With Mr Bunches

So I opened the door to the bathroom, and inside, Mr Bunches appeared to be in a room filled with smoke.  After a moment's panic ("the house is on fire and I'm gonna be blamed for it!") I realized it was baby powder he'd been spilling.

He said: "Dad, can you help me clean it up?"

I said: "What happened in here?"

And he studied my face for a second to decide if I was mad or not before saying:

"Dad? Can you just say, sure?"

THAT got him out of trouble, and then Sweetie came by to see what was going on and said "What is going on here? What are you doing?"

To which he replied: "... I'm so crazy?"

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Andrew Leon said...

Oh, man, I laughed so hard at that my kids had to come over to see what I was laughing at. They didn't get it.

Woot! That sounds like a story I want to read!

Liz A. said...

That's a great line. Did you ever find out why the powder was everywhere?

Robin said...

I wonder what he was doing... still.

I wonder if that line works just for kids or if I can use it someday???

Briane Pagel said...


We have NO idea. We never get any answers. Just a zillion more questions. Raising my kids is like being an extra on the set of "Lost."

You didn't TELL them, did you? You'll give them ideas.

Andrew Leon said...

They thought I was laughing at the picture, so they just gave me funny looks.